What Our Clients Have to Say

“Your training clearly comes from your heart and your special connection to animals. You treated our dog and our family with kindness, and our children are now imitating your soft voice and gentle hands with our dog. Thanks for the “family” lesson, we all learned a lot.”

- J.B. from Maine

“It was so thoughtful of you to follow up to see how we were doing with Mica. With your guidance, our situation has dramatically improved. The tools that you equipped us with have allowed us to feel more confident and positive about her interactions with other dogs. In turn, we have seen incredible results. Mica seems more confident, relaxed and genuinely more comfortable interacting with other dogs. I think the key was getting your guidance to help us figure out how to help Mica and ourselves find the right path! We are also enjoying the Flower Essences and think that they are really helping Mica with balancing her energy overall. Thank you again for all your guidance and support.”

- J.P. from Gloucester, Massachusetts

“Thank you for your help in teaching me to walk with my dog. Now he is right at my side whenever we are outside. I also feel better about having a kind reminder to communicate with him rather than use the choke collar. Putting him on a leash now seems like more of a “connection” than a “correction.”

- B.M. from Concord, Massachusetts

“I just wanted to say thank you for providing a service so vital to being a dog companion. Your common sense approach to training both the human and pet allows for a true bonding and assured success. We are much richer for having been part of your program, and we will be back for more.”

- N. and L.

“Your encouragement really helped. I’m intimidated by the task of training my dog, especially because I want a well-behaved dog. I needed your encouragement, every word about patience, and your attitude of optimism.”

- S.C.