Health is of The Essence

For Change and Transformation

For Change and Transformation

Flower Essences are an unfamiliar concept to many people and I never suggest that you believe or instantly accept a new concept until you have had a chance to see how it works. I am always glad to speak with you to introduce my work with the essences and answer any questions that you might have.

I also give Introductory Flower Essence Talks to groups of parents, clubs, and other organizations that would like to hear more about how the essences can help to make wonderful changes in children, adults and animals. These sessions are NO CHARGE, last for an hour, are fun and interactive with plenty of time for questions. Please contact me at to schedule your time.

Flower Essences… What are they?

Flower essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers. They bring the natural, dynamic energy of the plant directly into the human or animal electrosystem where they work to bring about movements towards greater health and emotional balance. Because of their energetic and living quality, they work directly and deeply in the emotional system assisting in the release of early wounding and trauma. Early imprints, suppressed within the emotional system, are today considered one of the main causes of disease. In the flower essence domain, the mind and emotions meet the body.

Flower essences are prepared by a water/flower infusion to direct sunlight or moonlight for a specific period of time. Water is able to hold the vibration set off by the interplay of the light and the flowers. The resulting “water” or essence is mixed with brandy which acts both as a preservative and a stabilizer.

Taking Flower Essences

Flower essences can be used by adults, children and pets. People usually take them orally – usually three drops under the tongue a few times per day. They can also be rubbed onto the hands and feet, or added to drinking water.

Since flower essences are vibrational in nature, they are absorbed immediately into the system. Each person or animal responds to flower essences in a slightly different way. For some, the results are immediate and quite dramatic; for others, the shift is subtle and gradual. Over a period of time, however, flower essences can produce deep and profound changes.

Flower essences are a perfect complement to many of today’s health practices for both humans and animals. They enhance the effects of energy work, physical therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, cranial-sacral work, massage, aromatherapy and many other forms of healing and treatment.

Flower essences have many varied applications. They have been used successfully for symptoms of Lyme’s disease in both humans and dogs; children and adults with ADD; preparation for death and processing grief; fears, anxiety, aggression, stress, depression and many other situations in both humans and animals.

Flower essences are safe, natural, non-toxic and there are no harmful side-effects. Flower essences are not intended to be used as a substitute for regular professional medical care.