Experience certainly is important, but it is not the only criteria to consider when selecting someone with whom to work. I have 35 years of experience, but please also take a look at what my clients have to say or consider taking my Quiz — or give me a call. I would be glad to hear about you and your dog and we can see if we would enjoy working together.

I began my work with dogs in 1976 with my first dog as an adult, Amico, my Golden Retriever. I was an assistant instructor with Judith Belyea, then owner of Aintree Kennel. I went on to create and teach the first Golden Retriever Puppy Kindergarten for the Yankee Golden Retriever Club and also began teaching classes at the North Andover YMCA. As Hospital Administrator for Bulger Animal Hospital, I began classes there and also did Private Behavioral Consultations. I became the Director of Training at Muddy Creek Animal Hospital and also at Weloset Kennel. I started my own Training Center in Rowley with a staff of 12 and held over 15 classes a week, including the first “Wee Dog” classes in New England, and special play sessions just for “Wee Dogs.”

I also was on the staff of Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont in its early years, where I started a program called “Rover Romps” where dogs could get together and play freely with each other. I brought this program to Massachusetts where we continued it at the Training Center. As an offshoot of that concept, I built and operated THE HYDRANT REGENCY — a boarding facility where dogs could play with each other.

I started a “Reading to Rover” program in a local elementary school where young “reading challenged” children could read to our “non-judgemental” dogs without fear of peer ridicule. I have taught Therapy Dog classes, done therapy work with my own dogs in nursing homes, hospitals and schools, and placed one of my own dogs as the resident dog at The Sea View Nursing Home. One of my Golden Retrievers, Kendrick, was the first dog to be trained by the New England Assistance Dogs (N.E.A.D.S) as a wheel chair assistance dog.

I have volunteered my services as the auctioneer for various dog groups including Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Dobe Rescue, Cocker Rescue and Golden Rescue, and have been the guest speaker for various dog clubs and organizations.

With my own dogs, I have participated in the Breed Ring, Obedience competition, Field Trials, Tracking, and Agility. They have worked with many children’s groups in schools, scouts and community groups. I have bred and raised a litter of Italiane Spinone, and have participated in the passing of my own animals.