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Customized Family Dog Training and Problem Solving For a Well Mannered Dog that Fits YOUR Lifestyle

This website encompasses my three passions. At first, they may seem to be unrelated, but nothing could be further from the truth. I constantly intertwine these areas for the benefit of all.

Canine Consulting – Working with dogs and their humans for mutual understanding and a joyful relationship.

Health is of the Essence – My Flower Essence practice, working with children, adults, and animals to help them move towards greater health and emotional balance.

Music that Strikes a Chord – Original music and lyrics written from decades of life experience and the resulting insight and wisdom. “New Music” for the Baby Boomer generation and their families.

In each of these three areas, I work with intuition and from my heart. Communication is a huge part of the process and I welcome input from those who are interested in my work.

Please feel free to contact me at: info@canineconsulting.com

Many of the photographs on this site are done by Kathy Davis. All of her photography can be seen at www.justameremoment.com.

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